PiCT A BiT O Art: A Review

This is a small game on a small platform, so I’m going to make this review to fit that style. 2 weeks ago I bought my Nintendo DSi, only to realize I’d purchased it just a little too late to write a topical review. Suffice it to say that I’m quite enjoying it, and I haven’t found an instance where I’m upset the GBA slot is gone. I bought GTA: Chinatown Wars as well, and instead of writing a full review for that, I’ll just say that it’s a Buy from me. Once again, no full review due to lack of topicalness.

One game I’d always wanted for the DS was Clubhouse Games, because of the sheer amount of games that comes in the package. When I went to the DSi store, I found 5 card games there for 5 dollars. Of course due to a promotion, I’d been given $10 free, so I didn’t have to pay jack. I would also say buy it, as long as you don’t have Clubhouse Games already. Anyways, so far in this review I have done nothing but digress. I tell you all of the above so that I can tell you that I was left with $5 and a decision.

Do I buy a game I know I’ll enjoy (Dr. Mario), or do I take a chance on a newcomer? There was WarioWare: Snapped, and there was also a game that intrigued me by the name of Art Style: PiCTO BiTS. I already had a copy of WarioWare: Touched in my DSi at the time, so I opted for the newest newcomer, PiCTO BiTS.

Match Three, Win A Goomba (A.K.A. The Review)

I would highly recommend watching the included tutorial videos in the game, because I will no doubt be unable to properly describe the game. Let me attempt though. Each level begins the same, with a blank top screen, and 45 colored blocks on the bottom. Now, I don’t have the technology to take screenshots off of a DS, so you’re all just going to have to with what I could find on google, which was a single screenshot pictured below.

PiCTO BiTS takes inspiration from classic Nintendo games, Bejeweled, and Tetris as well. If I were told to mix these three game-types together, I would not have come up with something nearly as creative. You can fill up a pallet with the various colored bricks, and then place them anywhere on the touch screen. You will do this as different shapes of multicolored multi-layered bricks fall onto the screen. They fall down slowly one row at a time, which makes it easier to lay out your pallet fast enough. The goal? Why, to connect three of course. Or four. Or to make a box. Whatever your heart desires.


My one picture, make of it what you can.


PiCTO BiTS is a game that can only truly be done on the DS. Perhaps the Wii could see a similar game, but the DS is the only platform with a precise enough control scheme to make it work. The top screen shows your progress in a rather clever way, in that each block that you manage to clear out becomes a pixel of an 8-Bit Nintendo character ranging from Mario to Ice Climbers. It starts off challenging enough to make you sweat, but you won’t likely get stuck until about 8 or 9 levels in. You will most definitely be tested, and you will love every minute of it.

If you create combos, you’ll receive coins which can be used to buy you out of a sticky situation. If your screen begins to fill up with too many blocks, you can let loose a POW, which will get rid of a significant amount of the troubling pixels. Unfortunately, one of your pallet boxes (8 total) will become unusable. Once you collect 5 coins you can buy it back. Coins you collect can also be used to buy music, or special “Dark” versions of the levels you’ve already played.

Recommendation: Buy It – Really, it’s pretty much free if you purchase it once you buy your DSi, and that’s a hard price to beat. PiCTO BiTS is a truly original game that has an old school flavor that’s hard to resist. If you do end up having to pay for it, $5 is still an acceptable price for a game as addictive as this.


~ by Dylan Nelson on May 22, 2009.

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