Something Slightly Old

It’s been up here for a while, but c’mon, why not post it? I’m not sure if everybody’s gotten the chance to read it that may want to, so I’ll post it on the front page… here, or at least the first paragraph or two, then you can proceed on your own agenda.

 I agree. Why?


I would love to have the mental capacity and physical time to actually make a full fledged game. Right now, I’m currently working on one, but this is merely a Game Maker game, and isn’t a big 3D affair like say, Left 4 Dead.  I’m not here to talk about the game I am currently engaged in making though, but I do bring up Left 4 Dead for a reason. Namely the fact that is a large inspiration for another game idea, one that would require a large studio of people. Artist, programmers, designers. The whole affair.

I don’t quite know where to begin when telling others about a game idea. I suppose one would normally start with the story, but much like Left 4 Dead, my game idea doesn’t have a story. It would more or less be a series of small multiplayer games, exactly like Left 4 Dead, where the story could be filled in by the players. Unlike Left 4 Dead however, each story would not take place over 5 mini levels, but one spanning level.

There would either be licensing issues, or there would have to be some creative artists/ character designers in order to get the right feel for the game. I see this game as being perhaps a sequel to Left 4 Dead, but a sequel that takes what the first one did, and takes it in a whole new direction. Because you see, I really like what Left 4 Dead did right. The 4 players working together against the zombie hordes. The zombies working together to take out the survivors. And while there are those who feel that the special infected were a bit underwhelming, they were still fun to play as when you got a groove going. I liked the claustrophobia you would feel, and how you needed your teammates to survive.

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~ by Dylan Nelson on February 18, 2009.

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