New Review Scheme

For those who care, or who have read my one (single) review, I used a number scale. I imagine that this is due to the fact that almost every review site runs on the number scale. It seems to work.

10 is terrific

 9 is great 

8 is good

7 is pretty good

6 better than average

5 is average

4 is below average

3 is below below average

2 is above bad

1 is bad

See? Simple.

I don’t think that there is anything inherently wrong with the number system. Just that it can get a bit out of hand. Xplay has been known to take a stand and keep decimals out of their reviews. No 3 and a half star. I can see why they do this, 3.5 stars is the same as giving a game a 7. With the 5 star review scheme it is much easier.

5 stars is Terrific

4 stars is Great

3 stars is Average

2 stars is Unextrodinary

1 star is Bad

But any review scheme such as this still creates a gray area on what games to buy, and what games to rent. Is a game that gets an average review score (such as the new Prince of Persia) not worth buying over Gears of War 2? It’s hard to say, because while on one hand the game is considered average by people who play a lot (a lot) of games, they also don’t know what you like, or may like. Once again though, this will be inherent in any review. If I prefer platformers, of course I would want PoP over GoW 2.

A Halo fan may not enjoy this game as much as a Tomb Raider fan

 And who’s to say that just because a person plays a lot of games, they’re an expert? I am by no means an expert, and would never claim to be one. A review is an opinion. Plain and simple. And they should always be taken as such. Regardless of the fact that a game gets a 3, maybe you should still give it a go because that reviewer isn’t a fan of platformers and you are.

This has droned on for longer than I had intended (or wanted) to, so I’m just gonna reveal my new review scheme.

Every game has its category. Shooter, platformer, rpg, ect. Every game I review will be put into one or more of these categories. Say CarneyVale: Showtime. It would be classified as a Platformer and a Puzzle game. Each category will then be rated on a three prong scale. Buy. Rent. Ignore. They would then be followed by a brief description. I would grade CarneyVale as such:

CarneyVale: Showtime

Platformer: Buy

As a platformer, CarneyVale has excellent execution. Pulling off stunts and flying around the various levels with ease is a blast. Combined with fun physics based gameplay and traps and tricks along the way to the top, you have a game any platforming fan will enjoy.

Puzzle: Ignore

The puzzles in CarneyVale are shallow at best. You will have to cleverly maneuver around certain obsticals, but this is as far as the mechanic goes. Anybody looking for a puzzle game in CarneyVale will be sorely disappointed.

Now unfortunatly, my grading shows an achillies heel in that I cannot have a “Rent” category for XBLA games. It’s as simple as this though. At the end I will have one more category, “Everybody Else:”. Here, I will once again employ the simple “Buy, Rent, Ignore” mechanic. For non-platformer fans, and non-puzzle fans, I need to express whether this game will be worth their time.

Everybody Else: Buy

Despite the fact that I have an “ignore” above, CarneyVale is a game that can be enjoyed by anybody of any age. Even the fans of puzzlers can find something to love in CarneyVale. It is a universal game that gamers of all persuasions can enjoy.

All details of the game will be covered in the actual meat of the review. I will play games keeping an eye out for various things that may turn the target audience off of the game, while watching for any ups to the game that may entice a different audience. With this review tactic, I can tell people who say, play mainly/ strictly FPS’s whether the game in question will offer up what they want in the game. Where Call of Duty: WaW may not be needed by any FPS fan who owns Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, RPG fans may find something to love in the Zombie Nazi game that wasn’t present in previous shooters.

Fun for everyone

This will also allow me to review downloadable computer games and older games in a quick and concise manner. Wherein I can merely put

Shooter: Buy (reason why) 

Everybody Else: Rent (reason why) 

Review has ended.

Everything you want will still be in the reviews, minus the numbers. I’ll consider this just a trial for now. I may also use this for DVD reviews.



~ by Dylan Nelson on February 11, 2009.

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