Weekly Website

In an attempt to continually add stuff that people will find interesting, I’ve decided to do a “Weekly Website”. Which will consist of an interesting website that I know about. And trust me, I will try to keep them genuinly interesting so that nobody gets bored.


My first website would be:




I only discovered this site recently… as in a couple of hours ago. But it almost immediatly found its way into my favorites. The fact that I don’t have a large attention span lends heavily to the reason why. Newser.com takes all of the major, boring headlines, and condenses them into an easy to read webpage. You can then skirt over the top left corner of each little news box with your mouse to get a simple explanation of the news story. Where other sites will require you to read a big, long, contrived story, Newser only has you read a paragraph. Another great thing about it is that they split everything up to categories for the easily confused.


Now GO FORTH! and read some news. Educate yourself. God knows you’re not educating yourself here.


~ by Dylan Nelson on February 8, 2009.

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