7 of the Most Awesomely (Bizarre) Video Game Characters

A lot of video games have memorable characters. Some wouldn’t have been nearly as successful/ acclaimed without the interesting personalities at the forefront, i.e. Ratchet and Clank, Psychonauts, ect. (I am in no way implying that these are bad game, just that the characters really add to the experience, and that the games wouldn’t be the same without them). But we can’t just pay tribute to the main characters in a game, no. Sometimes it’s the little characters that are most memorable. When asked what character a player thought was the best from any given video game, their answer may surprise you. Like…


The Flying Purple Hippo

Age of Mythologies

Why It’s Awesome: Okay, this one is really more of a personal favorite, but anyone who’s played Age of Mythologies and is a big fat cheater (such as myself) will have found this lovely hippo. The reason that he’s awesome (aside from being the inspiration for this article) is that he’s actually pretty powerful. He’ll shoot what looks like blood at your enemies, never giving up. Another plus is the stylish top hat.


Why It’s Bizarre: Oh, where to begin. Aside from being a hippo (rather bizarre in and of itself), it is purple and it flies. I could go into such things as an ornithological analysis of said hippo and how those wings would never be sufficient for letting it fly, but the hippo pretty much speaks for itself. Also, he’s followed by rainbows. Here, have a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Cdm5vd7sHM


Armored Bears

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Why it’s Awesome: The armored bears of Red Alert 3 completely caught me off guard. I went into the demo expecting some… slightly unorthodox units of course, but I have to say that armored bears are probably the best thing the fictional Soviet Union could have possibly come up with. The Allies have Dolphins, and as far as I could tell from Wikipedia, the Empire of the Rising Sun don’t got jack (animal wise).


Why it’s Bizarre: When in the altered course of human events did people begin to decide that armoring up the zoo would be a good idea? While the armored bears are an unnaturally terrific idea, they are also just unnatural. I would really like to play through the campaign to see if it is at all explained why the bears don’t go down the road of The Grizzly Man and turn on the Russians.


The Milkman


Why he’s Awesome: The Milkman is a very troubled man, and he’s also one of the best levels in the already great game of Psychonauts. What makes him awesome is his dialog and the fact he is the only clearly insane person in a world full of questionable people.


Why he’s Bizarre: You can definitely tell something’s up when you first meet him by his constant talking to himself. Once you enter his head, you find that he believes himself to be the only sane one, in a world full of spies and suspicious girl scouts. The twisty roads and gravity defying platforming is also a bonus I suppose.


The Rabbits


Why it’s Awesome: Braid is a critically acclaimed game that many use in the “Games as Art” debate thanks to it’s beautiful visuals and compelling story. This makes the fact that the rabbits are actually pretty awesome very surprising. Of course, in Braid, it doesn’t take that much to become a stand out character when your only competition is a goomba/ lion crossbread and a prianha plant. The rabbits are actually called mimics, because they trick you into believing that they are just one of the many flowers littered across the landscape, before jumping out and killing you.


Why it’s Bizarre: Rabbits don’t hiss. But these ones do. Not unlike cats, the mimics will yowl at you before leaping and baring their horrible teeth with rage. Exactly like all cats do.



Wolfenstien 3D

Why it’s Awesome: Now look, I’m not saying the Nazis were awesome. But c’mon, could a list like this even be complete without at least a nod to this guy? What makes him so awesome is the fact that the guys over at Id even had the gall to create him.


Why it’s Bizarre: Are you even honestly wondering? It’s Hitler in a mech suit. Really, there’s no explanation that could do this guy justice in the “Why’s he bizarre?” department.


Mr. Karoshi


Why he’s Awesome: He’s actually unnamed, but calling him Mr. Karoshi works for me. This is the character just wants to die in the free downloadable games “Karoshi” and “Karoshi 2″. (Karoshi 2’s better in my opinion). His awesomness really stems from what lengths he’ll go through to achieve his goal of a violent, explody death.


Why he’s Bizarre: Well… I suppose his bizzarness really comes from the worlds he inhabits. He never talks, and is only there to die. What he lacks in talkativness, he makes up for in raw personality, because over the course of the two games, you will come to appreciate the way that he blindly goes through with putting an end to his own life, and also the way that he bobs his head to the music if you leave him sitting there for a while.


The Merchant

Resident Evil 4

Why he’s Awesome: “Hello Stranger”, what do a Shotgun and Herbal Medecine have in common? They can both be bought from the same guy in the world of Resident Evil. He’s your supplier, and your buyer. He’s got a hissy voice and isn’t ever really explained, but whenever you saw him, especially after a particualry difficult area, you know you sighed with relief.


Why he’s Bizarre: Once again, he’s never really explained. Why is he helping you? Where does he get all of his stuff? Why do his eyes look like those of your enemies? Who cares? The fact that he’s got everything you need, when you need it (for a price), in a world where crazed infected villagers are the norm is bizarre enough without having to delve into a backstory.


I’m sure there’s those of you out there who’ll disagree with some of my choices. So please, feel free to add your own additions in the comments. I’d love to hear them.


~ by Dylan Nelson on February 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “7 of the Most Awesomely (Bizarre) Video Game Characters”

  1. I am the Milkman. My milk is delicious.

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. Why thank you. 🙂

    I would have put the Canadian Bear, but I felt that two bears would be rather redundant, and I wanted to include one of the two from AoM. If I make another list, rest assured that he will be in.

  4. Ha, great article. Although the bear from AoM tops the hippo in my opinion. Seriously, it’s a bear that wears a Canadian flag as a cape, flies, and shoots lasers.

    And yeah, the merchant from RE4 is awesome.

  5. He sounds like a perfect candidate. Unfortunately I’ve never played through Katamari Damacy. I played the demo on Xbox live and though it was pretty fun, but not worth $60. Maybe now though… or I could just rent it.

  6. The King of the Universe in Katamari Damacy is a definate candidate for this article. He’s a strange looking being who says some of the most random and strange things during the course of the whole series. Even in load screens I would find myself trying to put together the words that would stream out of his mouth

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